A hooded man stalks the neon-lit streets.

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Written by  Gabriele Toresani & Luca Vassalini

Published by  DizzyEmu Publishing

Official Selection Festival – Best Short Screenplay

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Sleep Depraved

Dario has been awake for 127 days. There is a presence in his house that haunts him: his baby boy. As his problems at work and in every other part of his life seem to grow and get out of control, his grasp on what’s real seems to fade, hallucinations and reality start to mix and blend. Desperate, Dario sees only one way out: he has to kill his son.


Directed by  Gabriele Toresani

Written by  Stefano Lazzati

Director of Photography  Stefano Ruffinoni

Editor  Marco Circosta Garcia

Cast  Davide Umiliata, Lorenza Pisano

Official Selection

Milano Film Festival 2012

ToHorror Film Fest 2013

Drunken Zombie Film Festival 2013

Horror Quest 2013

13Horror.Com 2017 – Best Actor


Bleeding Critic

UK Horror Scene

Horror Cult Films

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After moving into a new home with her husband, a woman starts having disturbing visions that seems to be tied to events of her recent past.

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Written by Gabriele Toresani, Luca Vassalini & Stefano Lazzati

Published by DizzyEmu Publishing


WeScreenplay Diverse Voices Fall 2016  – Semi-Finalist Festival – Finalist as Best Feature Screenplay

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Home is due to our passion for the horror genre and our will to talk about strong characters and real psychologies. Home it’s the story of Christine, a woman who lives a fake life in the 80’s, the decade of hedonism. But every wrong choices, every mistakes in her life will come back to Christine with the most extreme consequence. At the moment we are seeking financial backing for Home.

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Directed by  Gabriele Toresani

Written by  Gabriele Toresani & Luca Vassalini

Producer  Alessandro M. Naboni

Director of Photography  Fabio Possanzini

Editor  Marco Circosta Garcia

Sound  Emanuele Bresciani

Concept Art  Paolo Bertolotti

Cast  Giada Barbieri


Marco and Sponge are two young comic book artists. They have known each other since high school and are now attending Milan’s School of Comics. The meetings that may change their careers are drawing close. while Sponge is finishing the last pages for an interview with Michele Foschini (Bao Publishing), Marco is getting ready to meet C.B. Cebulski (Marvel Comics). Comic-Men shows the first steps of two young authors in the world of comic books.


Directed by  Gabriele Toresani

Written by  Stefano Lazzati, Luca Vassalini, Stefano Nardi.

Producer  Anna Sola

Director of Photography  Fabio Possanzini, Federico Pagani

Editor  Marco Circosta Garcia